DOB: 22 May 2011 - Sex: Bitch
CHG & PLL Clear by Parentage
Hard copy always available)

Color: White/Black/Tan

[Should genetically carry traits for
w/blk/t, w/choc/t, and w/blk]

Janna's Pedigree 

 She's a bossy little bitch who took great delight from the get-go with her self-imposed main mission in life - lording herself over her brother Jamie.
Nothing gave her greater pleasure than tearing across a room, pouncing on Jamie and flipping him over over like a turtle.....just to listen to him holler.
Once he stopped screamng, she left him for other things to get into.

Jamie has gone to Calgary, Alberta, to Sheila Morgan to be her constant companion, conformation, agility and obedience dog.

Janna? She's turned her attention to Jaz.....they're best buddies and give each other happy grief most of their waking hours.

To sum up Janna....she's awesome....bossy....has attitude.....loves a challenge.....
wants her own way......BUT she doesn't pout or hold a grudge when I get MY way instead
Her temperament is easy to live with, she's fun, she's SMART and loves to love.

• • •

Janna went to her very first dog shows In Bremerton, Washington, the weekend of 24-25March2012.
Bless her heart, she was awesome with only two 15 minute handling classes and never been in the ring before. Back to back Reserve Winners Bitch. Goooood girl.

 AND.....TA-DA! Janna has gone to her new show home,
with her new "mom", in Mossyrock, Washington.
They'll be in the ring together as soon
as Sharon's knee surgery heals.
We're excited for both of them!!

But I sure do miss her. She occupied a huge piece of real estate in this house.)

...............Just Janna.............

12 days old.....a pair of "chunks"

4 weeks old - beating up on Jamie

First tme out on the grass 

 Outside - 1July2011

 Dad,Jamie and Janna 8 July2011


Jannaand her mom out in the backyard

YOWZERS!!  Launchtime

 Jamie and Janna - "bracing"in the summer grass

 10 weeks - tablestacked offside
 10 weekstablestacked showside

 Jaz and Janna - September 2011

 Janna and Jamie - last day together 30Sep2011
 12 weeks offside table stack

 12 weeks showside table stack

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