This is ROWDY.........
He came to us from a friend for a simple "attutude adjustment" .
. . . . . . .And he's stayed. . . . . . . .

We've been watching him open up to the world, to people,
to all the marvelous things there are for a nice little dog to enjoy in this life.

Rowdy's Pedigree

 Rowdy has been DNA tested to be
Clear for both CHG and PLL

Rowdy came from a breeding that I personally would have never done.... but it WAS done,
And he is here with us proving that sometimes
REALLY good things can come from Not Especially Good Beginnings

4 weeks after he came to us

We took him to his first dogshow on the weekend of July 7-8, 2012.
(Strictly for exposure and to let him see a lot of other dogs.)

 HE WON WINNERS DOG both days!
AND finished off the weekend
with a
MAJOR on Sunday.

 He was amazing.....had such a good time....and totally impressed the judges.
(Pete Machen and Tim Robbins)

 He came home with 5 AKC points, including a 3pt Major. WOW.
Quite an accomplishment for this little guy.

(To say the least...)

• • •
August 2012


His health testing is good (see above), he is a lover,
and will most likely be a happy, snuggly boy when it's all said and done.
And.....we do love him!


Out in the sunshine
With His Ball




 Rowdy was given WD/BOW under
Judge Joe Tacker at the Longview-Kelso KC show
(St Helens, Oregon) on September 1, 2012.....
It was his ONE YEAR OLD birthday that day. (Cool, eh?)


He picked up his
Second Major with WD at Wenatchee KC, Wenatchee, WA
on September 15, 2012 under Judge Pamela Peat

Bringing his current point total to 9, including both majors.

 Rowdy also LOVES babies......

Here he is begging me (and Zoey)
to let him in with her and her 2 1/2 day old babies.

His heart was broken when he kept getting told NO
by me and she curled her lip at him.

Poor baby.


 Here he is on the left

with his new friend Lucy
at the Wenatchee KC shows
on the 15th of September 2012

They're so cute together


And is just a sweet boy.

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