Am/Can/Int Champion
Adlerheim's Beaujest v Skylocke, CGC
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My redition of our Cooper - © DON'T TAKE THIS GRAPHIC!!!


My heart, My Love, My Reason...
To love any doberman so far beyond the realm of reasonability
is to allow them into your heart and soul......
To welcome them with all your heart to become a part of your every breath.
This then was my life with Cooper..... A part of my heart has been taken from me.
He has left his soft and gentle footprints on my soul forever.
There will never be another like him............Judy

We lost him tragically and unexpectedly on 2 January 2002....just days after he was 4 1/2 years old.

He is living on in his children and grand-children.
But he still is not here with me at the computer,
laying his soft muzzle on my knee and giving those precious little kisses he was so good at.
Sleep Softly, Son........We'll Meet Again....

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