Macci (pronounced like "rockie") came to us from his amazing breeder, Terry Hall in California.
He is a gorgeous chocolate boy, awesome temperament, happy and self confident.
Macci - Spring 2011 Zara and Macci - Spring 2011
• • •
Went south on 2Oct2012 to stay with his breeder for a while and do some showing in the Bay Area.
These 4 pics below were taken 2 days before his scheduled departing.
CAME BACK HOME IN APRIL......funny little dog.





Wow.....this little guy is turning into a "Maccinator".....a "Man-Dog"
Below pics in his "leopard jumpsuit" were taken 12 November 2011

Macci - 12 Novermber 2011




BOB Timberland Valley KC, Centralia, WA
BOB Timberland Valley KC, Centralia, WA
WD/BOW/BOS Portland KC, Portland, OR
WD/BOW Clackamas KC, Canby, OR
RWD - Samammish KC, Redmomd, WA

He's been home growing up, maturing and turning into a lovely little show dog with a very promising future ahead of him.

DOB: 16May2010
Sire: Ch Hall's Jolie Jasper x Dam: Foxlore Royal Gala
Macci is PLL and CHG Clear and AKC POINTED
@ 18 months old he is 9.5" and 5# 9oz
Macci's Pedigree

Day 1 photos - 8 weeks 1 day

 Day 1 - YAHOO!!!!!!

 Daqy 1 - exploring
 Day 1 - one tired little guy

 Day 2
(8 wks 2 days)

First time on the stacking box......first time baited.
All on his own, by the way.
No handstacking involved

First time showing us what an awesome little guy he is!
(All 2 pounds of him )

• •

Oh yeah......he's going to be LOTS of fun!!

 Day 2 - First time stacking


On Day four of his new home adventures, Macci is developing even more confidence and has decided the bigger kids may remain in his domain.

 MINE!!!  ALL Mine!
Surveying His Domain

 Ah....the joy of the bone hunt
The Morning HUNT

 READ MY MIND...."drop the bone"
"If she'd just drop that, I'd grab it!

 Now what else can you ask of life?
Running with Aunti Zoey

2 Months - 9 days Old


Now THAT's not fair......You're bigger than me!


HAH!!! Here I am!!! 

And they think I'm not big enough to play.
I'll show THEM!! 






August 2010
2 Days Prior to
Tail Re-Do


• • •

 BELOW: 3 Days after his tail Re-Do - What a gorgeous young man he's turning into! WOW.





   2 September 2010
3 months/2weeks



January 2011 in the house & March 2011 Outside
When we actually had a couple hours of sunshine on ONE day




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