Miley is CHG, SCA and PLL CLEAR
Her Pedigree

She has matured out at just under 7 pounds - Just purrfect


Here she is in what she thinks is HER Whelping Box.
(She thinks she is just too cool......)
Click photos to enlarge

Miley is GORGEOUS and is just AWESOME.
Standing in the yard - May 2011

What a hoot! Loves to think she's the boss....
(till Zoey lets her know she isn't)
Miley has always hated to show.... sadly.
Shows GREAT at home. HATES the whole away from home SHOW THING. :(
• • •
She can certainly PRODUCE show puppies, tho.
AWESOME to the max!
And she a HUNTER!!!



(Wow.....what a hunting gait!!!!)

Most of the time she is next to impossible to photograph......
She never stops long enough -
And when she does it's usually directly between my feet. ARGH!!!!
(thinks the table at home is for grooming....not looking pretty.....sigh.....)



Photos taken 5August2010 - First day home

• • •



A young lady

Looking awesome!
Very Cocky and self assured

EXCEPT when it
comes to showing.


*To date Miley has produced a Canadian Champion, AKC Major pointed ("Tangle") ,
*One Major pointed girl ("
Tanya") who is on her way and lives in Fairbanks,
*One pointed boy ("
Loki") showing in Ohio, and UKC/AKC Ch boy ("Merlin")
*One AKC Major pointed girl ("
Amelia") who is close to finishing by a year old

**And several amazing and outstanding family companions enriching the lives of their own families**
Sire of her litters is our JAZ

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