NOTICE: Due to ongoing health issues,we have had to temporarily suspend our photography activities.
We're hoping we will be able back up and running ...eventually.
So sorry.....
Please check back?

My name is Judy Pritchard and I am a photographer.....a lover of animals
....a student of nature....and I am lucky enough to be handy with a camera or two.
What you will see on these pages are some samples of what I like to do with those cameras.

I hope you enjoy browsing through some of our photos.....we enjoyed taking them.
All photos on these pages were taken by me, and as such are also
Copyright and not available for you to download, use on your pages, print and/or display,
or to use in any way without my express permission.

So if you need a photo, please email and ask.....I seldom say no.
You may email me at

Thanks for visiting.....and please fee free to come back now and then to see what we have added or changed

• • •
Canine Head Studies

Folks Doing What Folks Do.....

Puppy Pics

Variety Pics

Mt St Helens

Landscapes 'n' Stuff

More to come......check back

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