Skylocke Toy Fox Terriers

Pre-Purchase Questionnaire

Please fill in and answer all questions .. or simply type in N/A if the question is not applicable to you.
We will keep your answers private and on-file for referral when and if we are planning a breeding.
Denotes Mandatory Information
Without the information that is indicated by an asterisk
* , we will not keep your answers.

 Your First Name* Your Last Name *Age*

Address-Street* City/Town*
State/Province* Zip/Postal Code*
Phone *Home *Cell Work
Email Contact(s)*

Are You Married?*
Yes No or Long-Term Relationship
How Long?
* Yes • No
If Yes - Boys • Girls • Ages*
Are you planning on enlarging your human family?
Do Children visit you often?
Yes • No • Do they stay overnight? Yes • No

Is anyone in your home a smoker? Yes • No

 To be considered for a puppy,
Please furnish us with three references who are not relatives
or living in the same home with you
(ie: *Your Vet (Mandatory), a Close Neighbor, Credible Acquaintance, etc...)

*Please answer in detail with name, address, email, & phone number,
as well as type and length of relationship.
We will check these, so please be accurate.

1.*VET (Current or Prior)

Is there someone home during the day to stay with a puppy & who would that be?*

Where will the Toy Fox Terrier puppy
be when it is left alone? (ie:, crate, pen, room, loose, etc.....) Please answer in detail

Do you have a preference for:
Male • Female • Sex Not Important

Are you inquiring about a:
Show Puppy • Companion Puppy • Performance Puppy (Check all that apply)

If you checked
Show Prospect Puppy, do you plan on showing yourself or hiring a handler  Yourself      Handler

If you checked Handler, please supply us with your Handlers name?  

If you checked Performance Puppy, what venue(s) are you planning on doing?    Obedience    Agility    Rally    Other (Check all that apply)

If you checked Other, please describe?:   

What are your ultimate goals for a Toy Fox Terrier?
How far are you willing to travel to pick up a puppy?

What are your living arrangements
*: Home • Apt • Farm • City • Boat • Mobile Home
Acreage • Single Family Residence • Multiple Family
(Check all that apply)
Do you Own • Rent • Lease • Share • Size of living area
Do you have any other animals who live IN or OUTSIDE of your home? Please describe.
Do you have a fenced yard
* Yes • No
How big is your yard
How tall and what kind of fence
*Where are you planning on your Toy Fox Terrier living?
(Please check all that apply):

Haven't Worked That All Out Yet
When I'm Home
Outdoors When I'm Home
Indoors When I'm Not Home
Outdoors When I'm Not Home

In a Boarding Kennel When I'm Away From Home For An Extended Time Period
With Friends and/or Family When I'm Away From Home For An Extended Time Period
At Home Alone or With Our Other Animals When I'm Away For An Extended Time Period.
Friends or Family members will be checking in regularly to make sure he/she is happy & ok
when I'm Away From Home For An Extended Time Period

 *Are you willing to have a "home check" made by a responsible TFT person from your area?
Yes • No
If NO, why not?

Please understand that home checks may be made on a random basis for a while following puppy placement.
A person asked by the breeder/seller may be come
to your home to verify that the puppy is being properly cared for.
This is acceptable to me This is Not acceptable to me
If Not Acceptable, why not?

Leash walks with your dog: Frequently • Daily • Weekly • Occasionally
Someone does it for me • None

If "
none" or "occasionally" leash walks are checked, what kind of exercise would a TFT puppy or adult be offered?
(Please try to be specific)
If "Someone Does it for me" is checked, who would that be?

Is this your first dog? Yes • No Have you ever owned a Toy Fox Terrier *? Yes • No
YES, from whom did you get it/them?
What happened to it (them)

If NO, have you spent any time with our breed? Please explain*


Toy Fox Terriers SHED (FACT) - Is anyone in your home allergic to animals or their hair? Yes No

~ If you rent or lease, do you have your property-owner's permission in writing to own a dog? Yes No

~ I am now and plan to be consistantly financially and physically able to care for this animal. Yes No

~ Do you understand that you may never sell or rehome a puppy from us, but that it must come back to us
if you do not or cannot keep it for any reason during its entire lifetime?
And that the return to us will be at your expense?
* Yes • No
Do you have any objections to this?
* Yes • No
If Yes, what are your objections?

What is it about a Toy Fox Terrier that you like and why do you want one?

When are you expecting to be looking for a puppy?

Occasionally we have REPUTABLE breeders/acquaintences who may have puppies upcoming or available.

If we have nothing for you, do you mind if we forward your information to them so they can contact you about your possible interest in one of their puppies?

OK to forward • Do not forward

The data you have sent reassures us that you are definitely a person
who is showing a genuine interest in a quality Skylocke Toy Fox Terrier puppy!

Our babies are very precious to us. For this reason, it is crucial that
we make every effort possible to place them in the best homes available.

Some of the questions may seem trivial and unimportant to you,
but trust me......they will assist us with
our evaluation and determination about where to place our babies.

The information you have supplied us here will be attached to and become an integral part of your contract with us should you purchase one of our puppies.

Thank You So Much
For taking the time to send us information about you and your family.

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Our puppies do not normally go to their new homes until they are at least 9-12 weeks old
and have undergone their final show vs pet grading.
They will have learned basic essentials (
doggie door, crate, collar, travel, Flexi, etc.),
will be determined to be emotionally & physically sound
and ready to be separated from their siblings, to start their life with their new families.

They will be AKC registered, and possibly UKC registration papers will come with them;
as well as health, vaccination, worming records and any veterninary information per puppy.

Puppies determined to be Pet/Companions (for whatever reason[s] ) will be placed on a
Limited Registration and Non-Breeding contract ONLY.
~~This is non-negotiable~~

They will also be required to be spayed/neutered by the time they are
7 months old......or be relinquished back to us.

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