One of the most active volcanoes in the United States, Mt St Helens looms over us here in Western Washington. She frequently spews out ash, smoke, steam and warnings.

The mountain has been changing rapidly and recently.

We have quite a number of photos, both telephoto as well as close up that we will be placing on this page as we pull them from our files and/or take more recent shots.

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 * Panorama of the Cascade Range *
Mt Rainier - Left * Mt St Helens - Right
Photo below was taken
appox 65 miles north of Portland, OR
and the same distance south of Seattle, WA, from West side of I-5, Exit 63

Rainier-Left  *  St Helens-Right

Photo on left below was taken in 2004 on the same day as the one above.
Center and right were shot in May 2006

All photos below were taken on Mother's Day, May 2006







The "dome" in the center of the last two photos had been building for some time, and had begun to release pressure in the form a mud flow , as shown in the the photo below. You can also see a small steam cloud that had just escaped from the center top of the dome.
The mountain can be very "restless".